With its beautiful white sandy beaches and clear ocean waters, you’d be forgiven for thinking that there’s nothing more to Sarasota, FL. But you also couldn’t be more wrong, if its burgeoning arts scene alone is anything to go by. In fact, many agree that the city was established on the arts. As a result, Sarasota has become a hub for creativity and the arts and it shows in the multiple arts and culture institutions scattered across the city, from galleries to theater and more. We’ve a listed a few of the notable ones below.


The Ringling

The Ringling family, who produced the circus The Greatest Show on Earth, is so deeply intertwined with the history of Sarasota. In 1912 they started using the city as the winter home for their famous circus, and quickly proceeded to acquire real estate in Sarasota, alongside a growing art collection.

In addition to the Circus Museum, today The Ringling includes the monumental Italian-style Ca′ d’Zan mansion, an art museum featuring the Baroque paintings collected by the family over the years, and the Asolo Rep Theatre. It is arguably the cornerstone of the arts in Sarasota.


Art Center Sarasota

A real boon for arts in the city of Sarasota, Art Center was founded in 1926 as the first arts organizaion in Sarasota. It has always been committed to its social impact, and its mission to this day is to “provide Sarasota with opportunities for creative expression and art appreciation through art education, exhibitions and cultural programs.”

These programs span novice to professional artists, local to international and demonstrations to lectures. The Center includes three curated galleries, with the biggest of them dedicated to exhibiting the city’s own artistic talent.


Florida Studio Theatre

Florida Studio Theatre prides itself on making quality theatre accessible to all. Located in downtown Sarasota, FST describes itself as a village of theatres, each small in size, but big on impact.

Its major programs include the Mainstage Series, the Cabaret Series, Stage III, Children’s Theatre, Education, and New Play Development. FST also boasts 30000 subscribers per year, making it the 3rd biggest subscription theatre in the country!


Sarasota Orchestra

Florida’s longest-standing orchestra, the Sarasota Orchestra was established in 1949 and viewed by many as an arts leaders in the community. Its 80-member orchestra puts on more than 100 shows per year, spanning classical, pop and family concerts.

The Sarasota Orchestra is also equally committed to providing the best musical education. The main element of this is its Youth Orchestra, which has been running for 60 years and counting.



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