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As you drive up and down the streets in Bradenton, have you noticed the roofs? Metal roofing is becoming a popular choice among homeowners! No longer will you only see it only on country barns, sheds, or businesses, but homeowners are enjoying the many benefits that metal roofs offer. Here is a list of just a few of the many benefits metal roofing can provide.

metal roofs, roof replacement, Bradenton

Long Lasting

Choosing a metal roof will allow you to “install it and forget it”. The length of a metal roof can last nearly 50 years, with yearly inspections and minimal maintenance. An asphalt roof typically lasts half that time frame, approximately 25 years.


Bradenton is no stranger to hurricanes and tropical storms. A metal roof is a wise choice when compared to asphalt shingles as it can sustain winds up to 140 mph. Metal roofing consists of large interlocking panels allowing it to be strong against inclement weather.

Low Maintenance

When properly installed, metal roofing is a wise option for low-maintenance plans. Based on the way this material is designed, the rain should wash away the grime and dirt keeping it a clean surface. However, it is wise to check for dents, scratches, or fading.  It is best to have the roof inspected twice yearly or after any major storm. Keeping an eye on your roof can minimize any future costly repairs and assist with the longevity of your roofing system.

Contact Roofs for Life for assistance with the inspections. We have the proper safety equipment and knowledge to determine any potential future problem areas of the roof.  We strive for honest and truthful assessments and desire complete customer satisfaction on every project. Roofs for Life is a 5-star rated roofing contractor on Google and Facebook. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are a family-owned company.

Environmentally Friendly

Metal is recyclable, making this a wise option for the environment. If parts of the roof do need to be repaired, the metal can be repurposed into projects. Some fun projects with old metal roofing materials could be:

    • Create an outdoor sculpture

    • Design a tabletop

    • A shelving unit

    • Construct a headboard

    • Place it in your kitchen as an accent wall

This list of fun projects from old metal roofing material is almost endless!  And, it won’t fill up the local landfills!


Considering this roofing material can last close to 50 years, the investment is well worth it! Metal roof warranties also tend to be exceptional. Make sure you are well aware of the warranties at the time of installation.

We install three different types of metal roofing. Here is a breakdown of each.


    • Fire Resistant
    • Cost Effective

    • Cleans Easily

    • Long Life


    • Lightweight

    • Reflects UV Rays

    • Weather Resistant

    • Durable


    • Strong

    • Lightweight

    • Anti-microbial Qualities

    • Fire-Proof

metal roofs, roof replacement, Bradenton

The benefits of metal roofing are many, regardless of the specific type of metal used. You will have years of protection and curb appeal to enjoy. Place your trust in a company that understands the qualities and importance of a durable metal roof. Our team of specialists at Roofs for Life in Bradenton is ready to help you with any and all metal roofing needs you may have. If you are looking for a high-quality, eco-friendly, and durable roof, call Roofs for Life today! Hire a team of roofing professionals you can trust!

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