Taking care of your property is just as important as maintaining your home. The property surrounding your home is often the first thing that people see; it can therefore influence the visual appearance of your home. If you’re interested in completely transforming your home’s landscaping, then look no further than these exceptional Sarasota landscaping companies

Seahorse Builders

The team at Seahorse Builders is responsible for some of the most beautiful landscaping projects in the Sarasota area. They create thoughtfully designed outdoor living spaces, which offer homeowners beauty and functionality. Their services include landscape construction, landscape design, landscape lighting installation, outdoor audio installation, outdoor fireplace construction, outdoor lighting design, outdoor lighting installation, pool remodeling, sprinkler system installation, and so much more. 

Tri County Landscape 

For nearly 20 years, the Tri County Landscape team has perfected their craft and have become one of the leading landscaping companies in South Florida. Their collaborative efforts between homeowners and landscape architects mean that everyone is happy at the conclusion of every landscaping project. Their services include landscape installation, landscape maintenance, landscape design, pergola design and construction, residential landscape, commercial landscape, and more. 


LawnMore is a family-owned business with more than 25 years in the landscaping and construction industry. Their team of landscape architects understands the Sarasota terrain and what works best for homeowners in the area. Their services include landscape construction, landscape drainage system installation, landscape lighting installation, landscape maintenance, lawn aeration, lawn care, lawn mowing, lawn treatment & fertilization, mulching, outdoor fireplace construction, and more. 

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