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Florida summers are by no means kind to its people and infrastructure. The conditions are known to get quite extreme, from gale force winds, hail storms to thunderstorms, coupled with extreme heat. This means that roofs must be prepared to face the worst as they will take a beating in this climate. It goes without saying that summer roofing problems in Bradenton are aplenty. Below we take a look at what they are. 


Storm damage

The combination of these extreme conditions, or even each of them on their own, is bound to cause physical damage to homes and roofs. Heavy balls of hail in particular can leave vulnerable areas on your roof, which in turn can result in moisture seepage and leaks inside the home. The extreme winds on the other hand can lift shingles, not to mention the danger of falling trees. The kind of damage will definitely require inspection and repairs from an expert local roofing contractor Roofs for Life in Bradenton



A leaking roof is the homeowner’s worst nightmare, but an inevitable part of living in Bradenton, especially in the summer. While obvious damage often won’t be noticeable immediately after a storm, the constant stormy weather will eventually result in a compromised roof. With each passing storm, the roof becomes weaker, which is why it’s important to have it checked by a professional roofer regularly. 


Compromised gutters and drainage

All kinds of debris may finds its way to your roof and into your gutters during these stormy Florida summers. We can’t stress the importance of clearing your gutters and drainage enough. This will have a direct impact on the health of your roof as it helps to avoid water puddle build-up and of course, clears the way for smooth run-off. If you get a roofing service provider to inspect your roof after a storm, or for maintenance checks, they should be sure to include gutters in their list of elements to inspect. 

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