A flat rooftop doesn’t have to be reserved strictly for modernist homes. It can be a practical and aesthetic boost to any home, especially when properly installed. Currently, the leading flat roofing materials are TPO, PVC as well as EPDM.

These roofing materials have a wide range of potential applications, but it is typically chosen for its waterproof complexion and durability. TPO, PVC and EPDM roofing will protect your home from wind, water, and fire. If you are on the fence about flat roofs, here are three reasons why you should become a fan.


Lower Prices

The reason many people opt for flat roofs is the price. The level plane means architects, roofers, contractors, and builders don’t have to navigate undulating slopes and pitches. As a result, flat roofs are the most straightforward type of roof to install.

Not only do they require fewer building materials, but flat roofs also get constructed significantly quicker. They are even cheaper to insure. The lack of curvature means there are fewer chances for potential injury.

Make sure to contact your expert roofing company in Bradenton for your flat roofing needs.


More Room for Activities

Rooftop parties. Movie nights. Stargazing. Romantic meals. All of these are possible from the comfort of a flat roof. The expansive area gives residential property owners newfound room that is impossible with sloped ceilings. The additional space also makes it easier to install solar panels or air conditioning units on your roof.

One of the most refreshing options is to opt for a green space. Growing a garden or grass across the entire rooftop has ecological benefits while providing decorative pizzazz. The vast green expanse has the added perk of temperature control, recreational opportunities, and increased energy-efficiency.


More Versatile Homes

Most people see flat roofing as an opportunity to do more on top of their home. But it can unlock potential underneath your rooftop too. Simply put, flat roofs do not require rafters or traditional pitches that might otherwise intrude on your home’s interior space.

The flat rooftop allows for a more versatile living space. Homeowners can finish their attics or use the extra space for a bedroom or storage. The only limitations here are in your imagination.


Final Thoughts

Flat roofs are typically reserved for businesses and modernist homes. Even though they are not the first option, they offer a decided number of advantages. If homeowners get the proper installation and maintenance, a flat roof can tap into a world of possibilities for decades to come.

If you own a flat roof, or if you want to, make sure to contact Bradenton’s roofing professionals at Roofs For Life. Thanks to our unparalleled knowledge and experience, we have enhanced countless rooftops in the northern Bradenton area. For more information, give us a call today.

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