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Architectural shingles also referred to as dimensional or laminate shingles are the more superior roofing shingle type from among the other options, which include the traditional three tab shingles, asphalt shingles and wood shingles to name just a few. 

But what exactly is roof shingles? They’re defined by their individual overlapping elements placed in rows beginning at the bottom edge of the surface. This placement is vital to the shingle roofing process as it forms a barrier against water, snow, ice and even wind. You can imagine the cascading effect this creates, which makes for perfect conditions to allow water run-off smoothly down to the edges and into gutters.

The importance of roof shingles cannot be overstated as they ultimately shield the home from the elements. If they are compromised, problems like rotting wood, mold and leakages are bound to occur. 

Architectural shingles particularly are distinguished by their multi-layered base, which is created by two shingle strips being laminated together. The result is a thicker, durable material that is able to withstand any of the weather elements, like heavy rains and wind, hail and extreme heat. 

Here’s a list of reasons why architectural shingles is one of the more superior roofing options out there:


Bang for your buck

Given its physical make-up, when laid out, architectural shingles create a premium-looking finish, without the costs of actual high-end materials. In addition, long-term savings include energy costs, maintenance costs, as well as the fact that you will most likely never have to replace your roof again in your lifetime. 


Energy efficiency

So how will roofing material impact energy costs, you ask. The more effective your roofing is at keeping the outdoor elements out, the less you have to make use artificial means of temperature regulation like air conditioning and heating. Architectural shingles is designed to keep rain and hail outside where they belong, and in addition, to reflect heat from the sun rather than absorb it. 



Of course, all these factors are only made possible because ultimately, it all comes down to the durability of architectural shingles. Going back to its physical make-up, its multi-layered base is what gives the material its strength and why it stands out amongst alternatives as one of the more viable, reliable roofing material options. 


Aesthetic appeal

The textured finish of architectural shingles is the cherry on top of an already beautiful home. One of the great things about architectural shingles too is that they are customizable according to the needs and preferences of the homeowner, enabling you to install a more unique, premium-looking roof at a fraction of the cost of more expensive alternatives such as clay and slate.



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