We know that Bradenton is one of the more family-friendly cities in Florida, and with that comes a range of activities to keep the kids entertained all over the city. From history and museums, to fun outdoor activities, there’s something for all preferences and enough of it to go around! There are just a few of them on our radar:


Beach, beach and more beach

This is no-brainer in Florida. It’s always a win for the kids and parents get to chill out while they’re having the time of their lives too. Where they’re making a splash in the azure waters of any of Bradenton’s beaches, or fashioning castles with its smooth white sands, they’re guaranteed to enjoy the day its fullest. Just make sure to pack beach toys and ample snacks!


The South Florida Museum

The biggest natural and cultural history museum on the Gulf Coast, The South Florida Museum hosts exhibitions that reveal interesting bits about history from all the way back to Pleistocene to more recent history. It is brought to life through life-size recreations, making for a magical journey through the ages.

While kids can explore real fossil evidence of earlier mammals, they can wonder at the galaxies at the digital Planetarium, as well as discover more about sea animals at the Manatee Rehabilitation Aquarium, which are both housed in the South Florida Museum.


The Real BeachHorses Horse Riding

What kids doesn’t dream of a horse-back ride? Imagine their fascination at being able to do it along the shore while with the family. The trainers also teach you how to engage in some fun activities with the horse, so you’re bonding and making a splash at the same time. It’s bound to be hours of fun, and kids from as little as 3 can indulge.


Putt putt golf

For those kids with a competitive spirit, putt putt golf is the perfect activity, and it’s easy enough for the whole family to enjoy together. Bradenton has 4 courses to choose from including Smugglers Cove, Evie’s and 2 at Fishing Hole.


Tree Umph

For the adventure-prone kid, Tree Umph is a must. Prepare for a day full of climbing, swinging and zipping through the trees. The adventure course consists of 10 football fields of terrain, which includes obstacle courses and adventure games. Parents may just find themselves having more fun than the kids!


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