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Metal roofing has long been a favorite in the commercial roofing industry. They provide buildings with unmatched durability, energy efficiency, and a wide selection of styles and designs to choose from.

Homeowners have always been a little reluctant to install a metal roofing system on their homes. This is primarily due to homeowners noting the large silver panels found on commercial buildings.

We understand that these industrial panels can be quite unappealing, especially if your home has a specific design aesthetic. But you’d be pleased to know that one of the great advantages of metal roofing is that you can style it according to your aesthetic preferences.

Today we’ll be looking at metal shakes and shingles. We’ll be unpacking some of its features and if it’s a suitable roofing material for you.


What are Metal Shakes and Shingles?

Metal shakes and shingles are the perfect roofing system for homeowners who want all the benefits of a metal roof but without the traditional style of a metal roof.

Metal is a highly malleable material, which means that it can be shaped to look like whatever you want. Therefore, you can have a metal roof that looks like ceramic roof tiles, asphalt shingles, or even cedar wood shakes.



Metal shakes and shingles are an incredibly lightweight, easy to install material. Their lightweight makes them relatively easy to transport and requires less heavy lifting to get them atop your roof.

The metal shakes and shingles provide homeowners with all the great benefits that an ordinary metal roof would. They’re non-combustible and carry a Class A fire rating, making them an ideal choice for homes that experience frequent lightning storms and surrounding wildfires.

Metal roofing is, in general, a disaster-resistance roofing option. They’re able to withstand extreme wind speeds, heavy rainfall as well as hail.

During winter, metal roofing systems are excellent at shedding heavy snow loads. And during the summer, you can apply a metal roof coating that protects your metal roof from harmful UV rays. These roof coatings are also available in different colors and shades, which allows you to customize your roofing system according to your preferences.



Metal is known for being one of the costlier roofing options. They are hundreds of dollars more expensive per roofing square than an asphalt roofing system. Installing a metal roof also requires a trained roofing professional. Not just anyone can and should install your metal roofing system.

Your metal roof can sometimes be noisy, especially during a rain or hailstorm. However, this issue can be remedied by installing additional insulation layers.

Navigating atop your metal roof can be quite risky, especially if your roof has been exposed to some rain or even morning dew. This moisture on your rooftop can create a rather slippery surface, so should you need any work done on your metal roof, it’s best to consult your roofer.

For more information on metal shakes and shingles, don’t hesitate to call Roofs For Life!

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