Many know Bradenton, FL as the Friendly City, and it’s a reputation the city and its residents are proud to uphold. Beyond that there are a number of quirks and interesting bits about the city that are worth noting. Here’s a few of the things that make this Florida city unique. 


A naming mishap

At its establishment in 1842, Bradenton was mistakenly spelt ‘Braidentown’. It stayed this way until 1903, when it then took the spelling ‘Bradentown’. The current spelling was eventually realized in 1948 when the state of Florida merged the cities of Manatee and Bradentown to form Bradenton. 


A friendly city from the very beginning

Also related to the naming of the town, it was so named after Dr Joseph Braden, who opened his home as a refuge to settlers during the devastating Seminole Wars, which took place all over Florida between 1816 and 1858. This is lovely reminder that Bradenton was literally founded on the principle of openness, kindness and friendliness, which have stood the test of time. 


Orange you glad you’re here

Bradenton is home to one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of orange juice, Tropicana. The company had humble beginnings, started by Italian immigrant, Anothony T. Rossi, who arrived in Bradenton with just $25 and a dream. 


Surrounded by water

In the best way! Bradenton finds itself in the unique geography of being surrounded by both fresh and salt water. It is also the entry point to Florida’s breathtaking beaches on the the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay. 



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