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The roof over one’s home is just as vital as its foundation. One wrong move and it could cost you days of stress, massive expense and not to mention, great inconvenience. Which is why it’s important to take your time and research all the available options before embarking on the not-so-little task of restoring or repairing your roof

In here we’ll take a look at the ways stone-coated metal roofs present a viable option. 


The look

One of the most obvious pulls of stone-coated metal roofs is its aesthetic similarity to clay and slate tiles, which are both costly alternatives. Stone-coated metal roofs, however, are a fraction of the cost without compromising on a beautiful finished product and one that will stand the test of time and severe weather conditions. 

That beautiful finished product can also be completed in a number of ways as stone-coated metal roofs offer you the ability to choose from a variety of styles and designs. 


Long lifespan

Because the bulk of the material used is metal, stone-coated metal roofs enjoy a very long lifespan. The durability of the metal combined with the stone coat means that your next roof replacement may likely only be forty to seventy years from installation! It’s a worthy investment when considering the time factor alone. 



Of course if a material is touted to last that long, surely it must be able to resist some pretty harsh weather conditions. From heavy rains to hail, snow and vicious winds, the superior durability of stone-coated metal roofs can withstand it all. In addition, fire and extreme heat will not hamper its performance either.


Temperature regulation 

Speaking of which, the sun is no test for stone-coated metal roofs. While it may appear as if metal attracts and holds heat, these stone-coated roofs actually reflect heat, resulting in a naturally cooler interior. This could make for added benefits like saving energy and the associated costs, as it may no longer be necessary for artificial cooling in the form of cooling fans and air conditioners.


Lightweight and easy to install

Another advantage of stone-coated metal roofing is its light weight and easy installation. While this particular benefit mostly applies to your roofing service provider, there’s plenty long-term benefits for your home too. Its light weight means there’s less stress on the structure of your building. Other heavier roofing alternatives have been known to cause cracks and structural damage years down the line, but the chances of this occurring with stone-covered metal is zero. 

Experts also share that its light weight means that it won’t be necessary to remove existing roofing material, which in turn saves you tear-down costs and the associated inconvenience. 


Low maintenance

No doubt stone-coated roofing will cost you more in the beginning, but you’re guaranteed to get bang for your buck as maintenance costs will be very minimal and you’ll set up with a roofing solution for life. 



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