Metal is no stranger to the roofing industry. Despite their benefits, consumers are reluctant to opt for residential metal rooftops and often stick with traditional materials such as shingles or tile roofs. When it comes down to farmhouse roofing or commercial rooftop needs, though, customers know that a metal roof is an excellent choice because they’re extremely durable, environmentally friendly, and easy to maintain.

There are many reasons why homeowners are less likely to purchase a metal roof, and some of those reasons are based on myth and hearsay. Many homeowners believe that metal roofing shingles and panels are sure to make your home hot, and we’re here today to tell you that that is not the case at all; if anything, metal roofing is one of the materials that cools your home. Don’t believe us? Well, then carry on reading as we detail metal roofing’s cooling properties


How Metal Roofing Cools Your Home

A metal roof is a fantastic investment that will keep your home cool in the heat of summer. Metal roofs are designed to reflect the sun’s harmful UV rays away from your home, which means they won’t absorb all that heat, keeping conditions inside your home cool and dry.

What helps with this reflectivity is the color and finish of your metal roof. A lighter roof absorbs less heat and has a higher reflectivity rate than a darker colored roof. Excellent roof coatings are a great addition to your metal roof as it not only assists in reflecting UV rays, but it helps to keep your metal roof in an excellent condition. Having a roof with great reflectivity makes your home significantly energy-efficient as it helps you save on your home’s energy bills.

Compared to other roofing materials, metal is a significantly lighter material allowing it to release heat quickly. Prolonged exposure to the sun will heat any roof and home; however, with a metal roof, you can expect your home to cool as soon as the sun’s direct light moves away from your home.

In the make-up of a metal roofing system, you’ll find a space between the material and your home’s decking. This space creates a thermal barrier for your home, reducing the heat in your home.

To keep your home cool, you must take into account the construction of your roof assembly. Your attic area or space beneath needs adequate ventilation for heat regulation and temperature control within the house. Cooling materials like metal roofs combined with effective insulation will help regulate temperatures while reducing noise levels from running air conditioning units.

Still don’t believe that metal is a cool roofing material? Well, then call Roofs For Life today, and we’ll give you all the insight on how metal roofing is a great roofing material for homes in warm climates.

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