How to choose a new roofing system

Choosing a roof system is a big decision and there are a variety of roof types to choose from. Popular roofing options include asphalt shingle roofs, wood shingle roofs, clay roof tiles, slate roofs, concrete tile roofs, rubber shingle roofs, and metal roofs made of steel, aluminum, copper, and tin. In recent years solar roofing […]

Green Roof

A roof is considered a green roof when it is covered, either partially or completely, with vegetation and growing media that have been planted atop an installed waterproof membrane. Green roofs have been around for hundreds of years. Their economic and environmental benefits have caused them to gain popularity in recent years. Also called “living […]

Metal Roofing for about the same price as Shingles

Becuase of the recent price increases that shingle manufacturers have implemented, Roofs for Life, Inc is finally able to offer 16” standing seam Galvalume metal panels for about the same price as shingles! if you take a look at a basic price for GAF SHIGLES it would be about 105-115 plus you would need to […]