In a sunny coastal town like Bradenton, Florida, there’s never a shortage of things to do, especially in the great outdoors. Beach days are a no-brainer, but what to do when you’ve had enough of that? Sometimes you just want to enjoy nature without getting wet. For that Bradenton has a range of parks for both adults and kids to enjoy. These are our top 3 parks you need to visit in Bradenton. 


Palma Sola Botanical Park

One of the natural gems of Bradenton, the Palma Sola Botanical Park comprises of ten acres of natural splendor including gardens, kids playgrounds, a butterfly garden and some of the rarest fruit trees. It provides visitors with the perfect quick tranquil escape from the daily hustle, and can be enjoyed by the whole family.


While it’s a recreational space, the Park is also committed to creating a learning environment in order to encourage an appreciation of nature and our natural resources. This is why they constantly host educational programs for the community, as well as volunteer programs in order to involve the greater public in its mission.  


Manatee Village Historical Park

For those interested in learning more about Bradenton’s history, the Manatee Village Historical Park is exactly the place to do it. Its aim is to tell real stories through preserving real places. So this is where you’d go to discover the heritage of the city’s founding period, demonstrated through museum exhibits and historical replica buildings. 


If the kids have had enough of the historical artifacts and relics, they’re sure to be entertained by the Junior Junction kids play zone. In addition, the massive oak trees make for the perfect picnic setting. Visitors can enjoy all of this at no cost as entry is free, though donations are accepted. 


Robinson Preserve

The Robinson Preserve comprises a whopping 480 acres of pristine nature. Amongst the variety of activities for families are beautiful hiking, biking and walking trails, while the little ones are kept entertained by the skate park and playground. Keep your eyes peeled for some wildlife too!


The waterways that stream through the park provide that perfect serenity while on a long walk through the park, and they also allow for kayaking and fishing. A day at the Robinson Preserve is bound to be one well-spent making the most of the Brandenton outdoors. 

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