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Metal is one of the most popular options for roofing in Bradenton for good reason. This is because it is durable, environmentally friendly and a little more cost-effective than more premium roofing options. Having worked in the area for a number of years, Jensen Exteriors shares some of the advantages of metal roofing:



One of metal’s key advantages is light weight, which is an important consideration that needs to be taken especially with regards to the structure of your home. Certain roofing materials may be too heavy for the home’s structure, while others like metal pose a safer option. 


It does not attract lightning

There is a common misconception that metal roofing attracts lighting. This is not true, and in fact, experts say that metal’s unique properties make the material risk-averse and the best option in lightning situations. These unique properties include being an electrical conductor and non-combustible material. 


It is fire-proof

Closely tied to the above is the fact that metal is resistant to fire. Unlike other construction materials such as wood for example, it does not feed fire and may even work to retard it. It’s clear that metal roofing is the best bet in areas prone to fire damage. 


Defense against rot and mildew

Insects eating away at materials is not an issue with a metal roof. They simply cannot eat through metal. This would be particularly worrying with any other material as it’s like an “invisible” destroyer whose damage you only notice once it’s already done. In addition, metal is immune to common roofing issues like rot and mildew too.  

Metal roofing can also be imagined in a variety of ways. So what are the options?


Stone-coated metal

A particularly aesthetically pleasing option, this metal roofing option is covered with granules or stones that give the roof’s surface the appearance of asphalt shingles or even clay tiles. However, it is still able to maintain metal’s signature light weight, which is great for the structure of your property. 


Standing seam metal

This is one of the more widely implemented types of metal roofing. Simple in its layout and installation, it features panels that run the entire length of the roof on either sloped side. Standing seam metal roofing has a very uniform look and it leaves very little room for customisation. 


Metal shakes or slate

This allows you get the strength and durability of metal, without having to compromise on the design. Metal can now mimic the look of more premium roofing options like slate and shakes, giving the homeowner the best of both worlds, without breaking the bank. 


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